Food menu

Delicious proposals with ingredients of proximity and season.

Something to nibble…

Seasonal vegetable tempura with romesco sauce  11,00€

Grilled fruits and vegetables  10,00€

Fried aubergines with cane honey  10,00€

Chef's croquettes (prawns, leaks and cod)
(8 units)  10,00€

Iberian cured ham croquettes
(8 units)  9,00€

Goat cheese and caramelized foie-gras lollipops
(6 units)  10,00€

Chicken wings with paprika  11,00€

Andalusian style fried squid with garlic chive mayonnaise  12,00€



Iberian cured ham on tumaca bread (tomato toast) 9,00€

Iberian ham shoulder steak on toast with chimichurri sauce 9,00€

Smoked cod in picual extra
virgin olive oil with Vera paprika on toast  10,00€

Tuna steak with tomato and peppers  10,00€


Cold dishes and salads   

King prawn potato salad  9,00€

Cold txangurro (Basque crab) lasagna  12,00€

Burrata cheese dressed with oil and pepper  12,00€

Hot dishes

Cod a la Orly with piquillo peppers
flambéed in Grand Marnier with black olive tapenade  14,00€

Ribs cooked at low temperature
with creamy mashed potato and teriyaki sauce  12,00€

Low and slow barbecued ribs 
with french fries and barbecue sauce 13,00€

Carved beef tenderloin  16,00€

Hamburger  12,00€

Low and slow roasted boned suckling pig 
with potato purée 16,00€

Potato garnish  3,00€

Homemade Desserts

Cheesecake  6,00€

Tiramisu  6,00€

Spanish fried milk with coffee sauce 
and meringue milk ice-cream  6,00€

Fine apple cake with vanilla ice-cream  6,00€

Sweet chocolate fritters  6,00€

Seasonal fruit salad  6,00€


Bread service 1,80€
Prices include VAT